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When you visit our AMOMI Pregnancy Wellness Spa for a massage, you’re taking care of yourself and your future child. Benefits of massages include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing pain, tension, and muscle soreness

Massages We Offer

Therapeutic Massage

$80 (50-min) | $120 (80-min)

Techniques reduce pain, stretch tight muscles, and reduce chronic areas of strain. Deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and/or therapeutic stretching may be used.

Mellow Mama

$80 (50-min) | $120 (80-min)

Relaxing full body massage with specific techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles, and reduce fluid retention.

Hot Stone Massage

$90 (50-min)

Full body relaxation that restores balance, combining long rhythmic strokes with hot stones gliding along the body. Water-heated basalt stones increase blood flow and circulation and detoxification.

Afternoon Delight

$40 (25-min)

Targeted massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness. Great for low back pain and achy feet.

Rehydrate and Renew

$100 (50-min)

Relaxing full body massage with dry scrub/brushing followed by hydrating mud mask. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and rehydrated.


$50 (30-min)

Foot massage that uses reflex points to relieve maternal discomforts, such as swelling, backache, sore feet, and fluid retention.

Postpartum Massage

$80 (50-min) | $120 (80-min)

A combination of techniques to heal, restore, and relax. Uses rejuvenating oils to provide relief from stress of delivery and much-needed decompression.

Schedule a Massage for Yourself or a Loved One Today at AMOMI Pregnancy Wellness Spa

Sink into much-needed relaxation at our spa. Call us at (480) 970-1998 to book a massage therapy treatment or book online!