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Advanced maternal age is defined as 35 years or older at the time of delivery. At this age, certain pregnancy-related complications tend to increase. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists deliver care to address these unique challenges.

Carrying more than one fetus brings multiple potential risks and challenges. With the right care, most women with multiple gestations experience healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

Some women enter pregnancy with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus; whereas others develop gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists are experienced in helping you monitor and manage your blood glucose levels with diet, exercise, and medication.

Women with pre-existing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are at higher risk for pregnancy complications. Most diabetic women experience healthy pregnancies and births with the right care.

In many cases, medical complications can cause a high-risk pregnancy with increased chances of complications during fetal development, labor, and/or delivery. These medical complications require additional care from experienced Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists.

Some healthy women can develop pregnancy-related complications that put the health of the mother or baby at risk. Our team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists can help navigate these complications and ensure safe pregnancy outcomes.

Ultrasounds are an important part of prenatal care and play a role in prenatal diagnostic therapy. Other prenatal testing may involve genetic risk assessment screening, gene carrier testing, and chromosomal analysis.

We’re Here to Help During Your High-Risk Pregnancy

If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, Scottsdale Perinatal Associates, PLLC has the services to help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Contact one of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists today!